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Growing a business in the region comes with its challenges. Establishing your brand, finding your niche, dealing with the legislation and bureaucracy and operating in a transient society are just a few. Most companies would agree that two of the key challenges in running a successful business are attracting and retaining the best employees.

The main reasons employees stay with a company has a lot less to do with money than we may think. In fact, acknowledgement, professional growth and the relationship with the reporting manager regularly rank above money in surveys. It is not only how individuals are managed, but how they are recognised, rewarded and treated that is important for many of the top employers globally, as well as regionally. 

A range of wellness, financial and lifestyle services providing both valuable monetary and non-monetary benefits. These elements provide an integrated and meaningful rewards programme to help employees feel secure, recognised, and valued both personally and professionally. These can include but is not exclusive to the below:

  • End-of-service gratuity funding
  • Low cost, accessible employee savings or retirement plans
Death-in-service benefit. 

  • Access to a discounted range of general insurances including medical, auto, travel and home insurance. 

  • Will writing service. 

  • Employees can benefit from growth of the company’s share price over a two, three or five-year period using a ‘Phantom share’ structure which replicates the value of the company shares. 

  • Maternity and medical cover enhancement. 

  • Confidential counselling and support services for all staff. 

  • Benefits can be tailored to different categories of employees i.e. senior managers, sales staff, part time staff etc. 

As the service provider, we have partnered with several companies to offer a wide range of wellness, financial and lifestyle services that can be tailored to you and your employee’s requirements. 

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