At Globaleye, we practice what we preach and as such have developed our own suite of corporate employee benefits. We look after our employees as much as we look after our clients since the most important asset in any organisation is their people.

Since we have first-hand experience in corporate benefits, we can advise our clients effectively and tailor the right solution to match their needs. So for our own staff, we pass on heavily discounted rates to secure the following benefits which are crucial when working overseas.

- Tim Searle, Chairman

Globaleye Provident Plan (GPP)

An online solution that allows employees to monitor their End of Service Gratuity (ESG) account including the premium/contributions and the current value.  There are two other accounts which relate to Additonal Voluntary Contributions (AVC) and a Bonus Account; both of which are in Trust for peace of mind and protection.  The GPP gives our employees access to institutional funds and a way to save for the future in the most cost-effective way.

Group Life & Permanent Partial Disability

We offer a highly discounted life cover for our employees underwritten by Zurich with various levels available depending upon individual circumstances.

Critical Illness Cover

We provide this all important benefit to protect our employees in the case of developing a critical illness such as cancer.

Group Medical Cover

We have solutions at global and local levels with the onus on providing the right amount of cover to ensure our employees are protected; giving them access to the best healthcare to meet the associated cost. 


Work Permit & Visa

Whichever office you are based in, you will be provided with a full work permit and visa.

Sick Pay & Holiday Entitlement

Employees are entitled to sick pay and 22 days paid leave with the ability to carry forward 10 days if holiday remains at the end of the year.

Fully-Funded Professional Learning

Our people are encouraged to continually progress their learning in their field, which is why we fund all learning material and examinations.

Lifestyle Discounts

Each office location benefits from a suite of discounts such as gym memberships and discount in restaurants.